UNA Golf Cup

The UNA Golf Cup is an amateur golf racing circuit at its 8th edition. Races will be played on the most beautiful courses in Italy, among which the UNA Poggio dei Medici Golf Club. The tournament involves two foreign circuits, according to the will to grow and internationalization: the first one in Lubjana, Slovenia, the second one in Cannes, France.

From this year on, UNA Hotels & Resorts officially announces the tournament with Atahotels.
The official sponsors are Exuviance, Lucaldo Manifattura Italiana Pelletterie, I Coltelli dell’Artigianato di Scarperia, Nencini Sport, Golf & Ticket and Fattoria del Cerro.

There will be 7 qualifying races, each of one will be played in a different golf course. The final game will be hosted by the UNA Poggio dei Medici Golf Cup on November 1st.

UNA Golf Cup 2017  commencing on July 2nd.
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